rod webber

ROD WEBBER is an artist, author, musician and  filmmaker. He has directed 10 feature films, released 20 CDs and was a regular on the college radio charts when there was such a thing. He was the former co-host of the Swasey Show on WFNX in Boston and is a regular contributor to DailyKOS. His books include The Garden of Voiceless Screams (a collection of paintings) and Po- etry of the Malfunctioning Engine (a text-to-voice novel). His videos across YouTube and Vine have collectively amassed 17 million views and his films have starred celebrities from Stan Lee to Greta Gerwig to ambassadors and heads of state. His current documentary, tentatively titled Fighting Evil with a Flower, documents Webber’s social experiment in which he traveled the U.S. giving flowers to strangers in the street, and how this transformed into praying onstage with the likes of Jeb Bush, John McCain and most of the other 2016 candidates. (Including Vermin Supreme.) Most recently, he put flowers in the barrels of AR-15s held by an open-carry group at a Donald Trump rally in Dallas, recreating the famous “Bernie Boston” photo. He is writing a new book about the experiment. For more on Rod go to—