aaron makela
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Not only did AARON MAKELA create the ghastly illustration on the preceding page, he also did the cover and a few illustrations—including said ghastly sketch—for QUINTEN COLLIER's Chem Trails poetry book. He did some badass sketches for this book, too. He also contributed this illustration for Vermin Supreme's novella, i Pony: Blueprint For a New AmericaOh, yeah. And he designed the Bobtimystic Books logo. He's also probably got a book or two in him himself. (He's got mad writing skills, as well.) When Bob met Aaron he was a knock-kneed 9-year-old saddled with the last name of the couple who dropped him off at the Hollygrove orphanage three years after they adopted him. For more backstory, here is an article the Los Angeles Times ran about the night we celebrated his 21st birthday. Aaron turned 35 this year, finally old enough to run for president. We're hoping he makes a strong showing in the primaries.
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Photo: Jared Tennant/JTpics.com

Just over 25 years after being introduced at an orphanage in Hollywood, Aaron—aka "Ernie"—was the officiant at Bob's Texas wedding in Austin. 

October 3, 2014 was a beautiful day.